Welcome to Frugal Fake Economist, a blog dedicated to helping Canadians make better personal finance decisions.

I work as a professional (aka fake!) economist in Canada.

When I speak with people about personal finance, I’m often struck by our different approaches to decision making. Most don’t fully account for the costs and benefits of their choices.

They are willing to spend hours with their bank’s customer service trying to save $10/month in account fees but ignore the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month they are paying in investment fees.

Others will intentionally buy a home far away from their place of work to “save” money, without accounting for the fortune they will spend on transportation and the negative effects a long commute can have on their health, happiness and the environment.

The world doesn’t have to be this way. We can all think carefully about our choices, and I hope this blog will show you how to think about those choices like a frugal fake economist.