Luxury Shaving for $15 per Year

Want to spend less money on shaving products? Grow a beard!

That might be an option for some, but I can’t grow one. Well, nothing that resembles the google image search results for “beard”. And maybe you don’t want to grow a beard either.

So what are are your options? Spend $5 every two weeks on shaving cartridges and send buckets of them to a landfill every year? Hope that you live in a city that recycles shaving cream cans?

Of course not. You can have a better shave, create less waste and save money. All you need to do is shave like it’s pre-1974: with a double edge safety razor, disposable blades, a badger hair shaving brush and shaving cream or soap.

This is not as ridiculous as it sounds. I just saw a double edge safety razor for sale at my local pharmacy:

“New!”, it says…as if this is some new invention.

I’m not going to try and sell you on how gentle this type of shaving is on your skin (so gentle). Let’s get straight to the math.

You can buy a double edge safety razor for $31.26. I have been using my Merkur Progress for over ten years and it is mint. I also have a 1960s Gillette Slim adjustable razor that works perfectly. These things will last decades. Let’s be conservative and say you buy a new one and it will last for 30 years. That is $1.04/year.

You can buy 100 double edge safety razor blades for $14.69. A blade generally lasts me a month. That is $1.76/year.

You can buy a good shaving brush for $51.21. I have and Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush that I bought ten years ago, and it will easily last another ten. That is $2.56/year.

You can buy a great tube of shaving cream for $9.04. A tube like this can last you a year.

The total? $14.40 per year. I’m guessing that is a lot less than you are spending on disposable razors. And it results in significantly less waste going into a landfill.

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