Here are some great sources to help you with your frugal fake economist journey.


Canadian Couch Potato – Excellent Canadian blog about index investing. Great source, especially for beginners.

Canadian Portfolio Manager – Another great Canadian index investing blog. Caters both to beginners and more seasoned investors.

The Value of Simple – Simple guide to index investing for beginners.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – An entire book advocating low-cost index funds. What more could you ask for?

The Incredible Shrinking Alpha – An explanation of why it is getting harder and harder to beat the market.


Mr. Money Mustache – Classic blog that can help you obtain a ridiculously high savings rate, quit your day job and become a carpenter.

Budget Bytes – Wonderful collection of recipes with prices per portion. The recipes use relatively few ingredients and generally draw from the same collection of pantry staples. This is an excellent resource for reducing your food spending.

The Millionaire Next Door – A book examining the frugal habits most of America’s millionaires have in common.

Millionair Teacher – The financial independence journey of a high school English teacher.

Libby – Borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local public library.

Frugal Fitness

Yoga with Adriene – Great collection of free yoga video, including a number of 30-day yoga series to help keep you motivated.

Shona Vertue – Yoga, joint mobility, resistance bands and kettlebells.

Ross Training – Incredible resource for training on a budget. The focus is on combat athletes, but the site is useful for general fitness too.

Simple and Sinister – Simple full-body workout routine that you can do with just two kettlebells. If you suffer from analysis paralysis, start here.

Super Joints – Joint mobility!

Financial Tools

Simple Tax – Easy, intuitive tax software. Certified in all provinces and browser based, so it will work on any operating system.

Studio Tax – Alternative to Simple Tax if you are worried about storing your tax info in the cloud. Certified in all provinces, Studio Tax is an installable program available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS/iPadOS. – Free browser-based application to track adjusted cost base and capital gains.

Portfolio Visualizer – Browser-based tool to analyse historic returns of ETFs. Many of the charts on the blog were made usign Portfolio Visualizer.

Rate Spy – Canadian mortgage rate comparison site. – Canadian high interest savings account rate comparison site. – Combined federal and provincial marginal income tax rates.

Canadian Retirement Income Calculator – Government of Canada tool to estimate retirement income from various sources.