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With barbers and hairdressers closed across the country, people are starting to wonder what they are going to about their hair. Thankfully I decided to stop paying for haircuts a few months ago. I didn’t do this in anticipation of a pandemic but to save time and money.

I was getting my hair cut every 6 weeks, and, including tax and tip, it was costing me $26 per cut. That works out to about $230 per year. This may not seem like a lot, but what if you invested that savings every year and earned a 5% real (after accounting for inflation) rate of return? You would have:

-$5,000 in 15 years

-$15,000 in 30 years

-$37,000 in 45 years

-$80,000 in 60 years

And that is for one small change in your life that is quite easy to do and saves you time compared the going out to get your hair cut.

I’m sure that home haircuts are not for everyone. But if you find yourself asking for “#4 on the sides, and shorten the top a bit”, then you can do that fairly easily at home.

So, what do you need to cut your hair at home? First, it is best to have a partner that can do it for you, but you can certainly cut your own hair with some mirrors and a bit of patience.

Aside from that, you need some clippers and a full set of guards. I got the Wahl Elite Pro Home Care Kit for $56.49, and that really has everything you need (clippers, guards, scissors, comb, cape, blade oil).

If you want to have a setup closer to what an actual barber would use, you can also get a hair trimmer (smaller, closer-cutting clipper) and a decent set of scissors and thinning shears. I got the Wahl Peanut Trimmer for $63.17 and a set of scissors and shears for $24.51. In total I spent $144.17, equivalent to fewer than 6 hair cuts.

For a basic haircut, start with the longest guard you have (probably #8, which is 1 inch) and cut your entire hair that length. Then put on a shorter guard, probably a #4, but it is safest to start with something longer and work your way down. You will use this length to cut the back and sides of your head in a vertical motion. By gently tilting your wrist upwards as you move up the side and back of the head, you will blend it in with the longer length on the top. After this, you can use scissors or the trimmer (careful!) to clean all the edges up.

There are a ton of YouTube tutorials on home hair cuts. And it is worth looking at a few to get an idea of what you are trying to do.

Just remember to take your time, keep it simple, and use scissors at first for trimming around your ears to avoid any unfortunate mistakes. And don’t forget to invest the savings!

One thought on “Save Thousands on Haircuts

  1. I have gone through the math of it a few times and I can share my numbers on costs and savings. So I will start with what our costs of equipment and supplies were. We bought better quality as we considered it an investment that would pay for them many times over.The Wahl Designer clippers run about $65, a low end, pro grade versus cheapie home set that vibrates excessively and heats up too fast. A set of Wahl peanut clippers at $45, three hair capes, one child, one stylist and one barber $55, 2 seats of alligator hair clips $25, wide tooth and sectioning combs another $10, pro grade hair shears were $75. So about $275 total, but not purchased at the same time. The cost per haircut including tip per my two boys would be $22, which hubby does every three weeks. Travel would be 40 miles roundtrip at 55 cents per mile. So 34 haircuts would cost $1122, plus about four hours total each time for 68 hours a year. Hubby does each haircut in about ten minutes, or 11.3 hours, 66 hours of time saved, value at $20/hr over $1300 more. My teen boys are very picky about their hair, if hubby wasn’t doing them, I would stretch them out another week or so, plus they would definitely be getting haircuts they would not be so happy with.
    I take a seat every other month to get my tresses trimmed, takes hubby about 20 minutes. Cost at the salon would be $80 plus 30 miles round trip at 55 cents per mile would be about $580, and 18 hours versus 3 hours, $20/hr is $340 saved. Hubby does his own every 4-6 weeks, another $1000 saved, or over $4000 saved per year, if you consider the value of your time, $1600 if you don’t. Hubby does excellent work and he gives haircuts to a couple Good friends of mine, as well as my mom, about every three months. They are saving money skipping the salon as well as preferring he cut their hair being he has fixed bad salon haircuts for them. So I would say that if you have a family member that has a knack for doing haircuts, it is definitely a great money saver.

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